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Welcome to the online registration system of applicants to the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice for 2nd cycle degree studies in English at the Faculty of Design in the field of Graphic Design and Design


Check the offer available in this registration.


To create an IEC account, select the "create an account" option from the top menu. 

1. Read the terms specified in the information clause and accept them through the option "I have read and accept the above information" and then "I agree".

2. Register only once. From now on you will log in using the "log in" tab (using your e-mail address and password).

3. After successfully creating an account, log in and follow the next steps of registration.

4. Fill in the data from the "my account" -> "personal forms” tab:

  • basic personal data,
  • address and contact details,
  • education,
  • additional personal data,
  • passport photo.

5. Upload a copy of your graduation diploma in PDF format, translated into Polish or English and a document certifying your level of English.

6. In the "registration" tab, select the enrolment you are interested in. You can get acquainted with the study programme offer and then sign up for the chosen field of study.

7. After choosing a enrolment and field of study, you will see your study programme in the "my account" tab -> "enrollment applications."

8. Pay the enrolment fee to the individual bank account (details of the transfer will be available in the "my account" -> "payments" tab)

9. All information about the course and results of the enrolment process will appear on your individual candidate account.

10. You can print the required documents from the [my Account] -> [enrolment Applications] menu. There is a link with a printer icon [Documents and further steps] below each entry at the bottom of the page. This link will take you to a page where you should download and print the required documents.

In case of problems with registration in the enrolment system, support is provided by:

  • The project office: +48 32 758 76 81, admissions@asp.katowice.pl
  • Technical assistance +48 32 758 76 10